An updated, individualized cybersecurity policy is a key resource for every organization. Without appropriate rules and procedures for protecting your data and meeting compliance regulations in place, your business could be at risk for costly data breaches. If you know your company’s IT policy (or lack of one) needs attention but you don’t have the time or in-house expertise to address it, Swift Chip can help. Our experts and proven frameworks take you beyond policy templates that don’t address the unique needs of your company, providing deep understanding of both business needs and compliance requirements. The result is tailored policies that can be effectively implemented to protect your business and its data, users, and assets.

A careless approach to cybersecurity can harm your organization both financially and reputationally.

There’s no need to risk fines, legal fees and settlements, loss of your customers’ trust, or the degradation of your brand. Swift Chip will assist in creating a policy to prevent these types of negative outcomes, as well as setting up a periodic documented policy review process to keep that policy up to date and relevant. We help you connect policy, analytics, and controls across your entire business to identify and respond to threats quickly and confidently, keeping your valuable information secure.

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Swift Chip provides managed IT and cybersecurity services for a wide variety of companies in fields with stringent privacy and compliance requirements.

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