Case Study: Reasons Why Cybersecurity Employee Training is Important

29 Jun 2023


Cyber threats are constantly evolving—what companies need to worry about these days didn’t even exist years ago! So, what do you do to protect you and your company from these challenges?

Having a strong understanding of cybersecurity and well thought out IT solutions will definitely help. But what many companies overlook is the importance of effective cybersecurity employee training.

It’s important to understand…

Not only is it crucial for businesses to prioritize cybersecurity plans, but you must also equip your employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to defend against attacks. A great cybersecurity plan won’t be as effective without employees who are aware and educated!

Not convinced yet? We’ll help you see the full positive impact that cybersecurity employee training can have for companies in a case study featuring one of our clients.

We’ll explore the transformative effects of comprehensive cybersecurity employee training for Client A. By the end of this, you’ll discover the reasons why investing in cybersecurity employee training is imperative for your business.

The Challenge

Client A, a prominent organization, was facing a persistent and concerning problem—an increasing number of phishing attacks.

Over a 27-month period, they experienced an average of 4.1 phishing failures per month, with a staggering 74.5% failure rate. The severity of these attacks ranged from a devastating ransomware takeover resulting in data loss to a costly gift card scam.

It became evident that Client A urgently needed improved employee security awareness training to safeguard their sensitive information.

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The Solution

With our expertise in IT and cybersecurity consulting services, Swift Chip stepped in to address the challenge with a comprehensive and unique security awareness training program. 

After sitting down with Client A to fully understand their needs, our team devised a multi-faceted approach that included various strategic initiatives that would help in their unique situation:

  1. Adaptive Phishing Testing: Regular phishing tests were introduced, simulating different types of phishing attacks, varying delivery times, and days of the week.
  2. COVID-19 Specific Campaign: Recognizing the rise in COVID-related phishing attacks, a weekly phishing campaign was launched to educate employees about the specific risks associated with remote work during the pandemic.
  3. Yearly Security Awareness Training: A robust employee security awareness training program consisting of three modules was implemented to educate employees on best practices, emerging threats, and cybersecurity protocols.
  4. New User Security Awareness Training: A specialized training program was introduced specifically for new users, ensuring that cybersecurity knowledge was ingrained from the start.
  5. Interactive Town Hall Webinar: To foster a deeper understanding of cybersecurity issues and engage employees in the company’s cybersecurity efforts, a certified ethical hacker from Swift Chip conducted an interactive town hall-style webinar attended by nearly 100 employees.
  6. Completion of Security Awareness Training: Swift Chip emphasized the importance of completing the security awareness training for all employees, ensuring comprehensive coverage across the organization.
  7. Increased Phishing Frequency: The frequency of phishing tests was heightened from biweekly to weekly, enabling employees to consistently practice their newfound knowledge and skills.
  8. Remedial Training for Clickers: A remedial training program was implemented specifically for users who clicked on phishing emails, providing them with additional guidance and education.

The Results

The impact of these measures was nothing short of remarkable. Over a span of 15 months, the average number of phishing failures per month plummeted to just 0.8, representing a significant reduction in the failure rate by 88% compared to the previous period.

As the program continued, the failure rate dropped even further to 6.7% in the last six months. Incredibly, in the final 90 days, no failures were recorded at all. 

This remarkable progress demonstrated a clear and sustained improvement in Client A’s cybersecurity culture and resilience against phishing attacks.

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Why Employees Need Cybersecurity Awareness Education

cybersecurity awareness education

1. There Are More Attacks & More Employees Working From Home

Post-pandemic, more of the workforce is working from home. Because of this, cyber-attacks are on the rise. Hackers are taking advantage of the fact that employees may be less aware or their home devices less protected!

By providing cybersecurity training, you empower your employees to identify and mitigate potential threats even when they’re not working from an office.

This is what we call the proactive approach! It’ll ensure that your remote workforce remains vigilant, and therefore, more capable of safeguarding your business against cyber attacks.

2. You’ll Be Upgrading Information Security Standards

Security policies and controls alone are no longer enough to combat evolving cyber threats. It’s crucial to upgrade your information security standards. 

Cybersecurity training programs shed light on these policies and demonstrate how various procedures and frameworks work together. 

By educating your staff, you empower them to understand and address security challenges effectively. This proactive approach can help your employees to detect and mitigate security issues at an early stage, before they’re able to escalate into major data breaches.

3. Better Defense Against Human Error

Did you know human error is one of the biggest factors in cybersecurity breaches?

Cutting-edge security software alone cannot protect against employees falling for phishing emails or other social engineering tactics. By providing comprehensive cybersecurity training, you empower your employees to recognize and respond to cyber-attacks effectively. 

This knowledge enhances their ability to identify phishing attempts, strengthening your organization’s overall security posture.

4. To Reduce Anxiety & Stress at Work

Reduce straess and anxiety at work with cybersecurity training

A cybercrime incident can create a stressful and negative work environment, leaving employees uncertain about what went wrong and who may be at fault. By implementing an effective cybersecurity training program, you instill confidence in your workforce. 

Your employees will gain the necessary skills to handle technology securely and follow cybersecurity procedures, reducing the likelihood of costly mistakes. This fosters a positive work environment where employees feel empowered and capable of protecting sensitive information.

5. Mitigate Financial Risks

As we mentioned above, investing solely in cutting-edge security software is not enough to protect your organization. Neglecting employee training leaves a significant vulnerability.

Employees with cybersecurity awareness training can promptly identify potential threats and report incidents, enabling your IT security teams to take immediate action. 

If you take the education-for-your-employees route, you’ll prevent operational disruptions and minimize financial damages. By fostering a coordinated, cyber-aware workforce, your organization can effectively mitigate risks and protect its assets.

6. Stay Compliant With Regulations

training employees on cybersecurity helps you comply with regulations

Compliance regulations, such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS, place increasing emphasis on employee training. These regulations extend beyond the IT department, emphasizing the need to train all employees and ensure their awareness of their obligations.

By making plans to provide regular cybersecurity employee training, you’ll make sure that you’re meeting requirements!

Non-compliance can result in fines and reputational damage. So, it’s definitely better to meet regulatory requirements and protect your company’s sensitive data.

Find Success in Comprehensive Cybersecurity Employee Training

The success story of Client A showcases the transformative power of comprehensive cybersecurity employee training.

Swift Chip’s innovative and adaptive approach, combining regular testing, targeted training, interactive webinars, and continuous improvement, proved instrumental in reducing Client A’s vulnerability to phishing attacks. 

This case study underscores the critical importance of ongoing education and vigilance in the fight against cyber threats. And if that didn’t convince you, we also listed out benefits of placing importance on cybersecurity training for your employees!

As a manager or business owner, it’s essential to recognize that cybersecurity is not solely reliant on technology and solutions but also on the knowledge and actions of your employees. Ensure you have both components of a strong cybersecurity program: the IT solutions and the people.

Invest in cybersecurity employee training today and you’ll be empowering your workforce to ensure the safety of the company’s data is on top of everyone’s minds. Talk to Swift Chip today to make a personalized cybersecurity employee training plan!


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